SLC Alumni Board of Directors: Justin Oliver

Over the next three weeks we are going to share with you our SLC Alumni Board of Directors. Our board members are a collection of individuals from across Canada who are dedicated to steering the future of the SLC in conjunction with Provincial and National partnerships. Leadership is not a solo event and our team is driven to find solutions to complex problems as well as visioning pathways to student success through the SLC experience. We are enthusiastic about building a more enlightened future for post secondary students to enter their places of work and life with greater connections, confidence, knowledge and authenticity.

Now, let’s meet our team…

Name: Justin Oliver

Twitter: @PENerds


Title: Atlantic Canadian Board Member

Area of Leadership: Student Leadership

Year(s) you attended the SLC and in what role: 2004 Student, 2013 Mentor

Bio: I have been in education for 10 years from the Elementary level all the way to the high school level. I am completing my MEd in Physical Education Curriculum from St. Francis Xavier University. I am currently the Vice President of the Teachers Association for Physical and Health Education (TAPHE) in Nova Scotia.

Inspirational Quote: “Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.

We are both honoured and excited to have Justin Oliver overseeing the planning, initiation and collaboration for the future of the SLC in the Atlantic Provinces with our team!


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