Let’s Welcome Grace Dafoe to Our Board of Directors!


Our belief within the SLC Alumni leadership team is that leadership is a diverse collection of voices that work together to bring the best foot forward. Today, we announce another key member of our leadership team. Join us as we head West to meet our South Western Canadian Board Member.

Name: Grace Dafoe

Twitter: @gracedafoe

Title: South Western Canadian Board Member

Area of Leadership: Physical Literacy, Athlete Development

Year attended the SLC and in what role: 2012, Attendee


Bio: A born and raised Calgarian, Grace was a part of the inaguaral graduating class from Mount Royal University with a Bachelors degree of Health and Physical Education, majoring in Physical Literacy. However, the most important title Grace always uses to describe herself is ‘human’. She is a Canadian Skeleton athlete and also coaches for the multisport program ‘Dark Horse Athletic’ in Calgary. Grace’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail are what she attributes her success to and she is excited to be joining the Board of directors for the SLC!

Inspirational quote:A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.

Welcome to the team Grace!


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