Welcome Dr. Doug Gleddie, PhD To Our Board of Directors

We are beyond excited to announce that Dr. Doug Gleddie from Edmonton Alberta will be one of our SLC Alumni Board Of Directors. Without a doubt Doug brings a multitude of experience and enthusiasm for the future of the SLC in Canada.  It is an honour to have his leadership and influence steering the future of student leadership. Here is more about Doug.

Name: Dr. Doug Gleddie

Twitter: @doug_gleddie

Title: Vice Chairman

Area of Leadership: Physical Education Teacher Education, Physical Education Pedagogy, Physical Literacy

Year(s) you attended the SLC and in what Role(s)? 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013 – Mentor



Bio: Dr. Doug Gleddie is a husband and father who also happens to be an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta (Elementary Physical Education). Doug is currently researching narratives of movement and physical education as well as exploring the affective aspects of physical literacy. He takes care of his own wellness by being active with his family; improving his guitar picking and seeking new challenges each day. Visit Doug’s blog at www.purposefulmovement.net


Inspirational Quote:

“The uniqueness of physical education lies in its ability to enable each individual to realize, nurture and develop his [sic] embodied capabilities and thus become more fully human.” (Whitehead, 2013, p. 35, emphasis mine)


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