How I Lead: Grace Dafoe

As part of our second year of grow, the SLC Alumni Association wants to know how each one of you are leading in your field. With that in mind, here is what 2012 Alumni Grace Dafoe had to say: “When I thought of a leader growing up, I thought I never matched up with the […]

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Getting To Know: Scott Robertson

      I’m from Waterloo, Ontario. I grew up there and attended elementary and secondary school in the city, along with playing a variety of sports. I moved to St. Catharines, Ontario (near Niagara Falls) to attend Brock University pursuing a concurrent education degree focusing on Physical Education.       Far right: Scott […]

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Who Are We?

Yes you are reading the title right. But don’t expect an Eric Thomas speech attached at the bottom of the page. Instead, let me explain who we are as Alumni and what we are all about.. Most of you who are reading this already know the impact that the SLC experience had on you as […]

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SLC Student Testimony: Mr. Mac

Recently we sat down with Mr. Stuart MacNeil to share his SLC testimony from 2014. Here is what ‘Mr. Mac’ had to say! “As a first year teacher I am fortunate enough to be teaching at StFX Sports Academy in Grand Prairie, Alberta. This position includes teaching the multi sport division to students in grades […]

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